Pneuma Yoga/Movement Studio

About Us

Classes at Pneuma Yoga and Movement Studio are designed to nurture the whole person: body/mind and spirit.  We believe true wellness only comes from attention to all 3 parts.  Therefore, each class has attention to proper posture and alignment, but also to intention and purpose.  Our classes are taught in an intentionally Christ-centered format, in a effort to not just understand who we are - but more importantly who we are in Christ. 

All are welcome, no matter your level of ability, your age, your weight, and your faith tradition.  We have a class designed for you. 

Pneuma is home to all classes formerly held at The Centre in Daphne as well as the nationally-acclaimed Outstretched in Worship classes.  

Pneuma is a Greek word translated to mean
"Breath of God" or "Breath of Life".
Try this calming, centering breath prayer:
 On the inhale, breathe in through the nose a
silent "pneu-" and on the exhale,
breathe out through the nose a silent "ma". 
Feel the invigorating energy on the inhale
yoked with the relaxing, soothing exhale.  

Ask about our partnership with Daphne's
Fit Body Boot Camp. 
As a member of Pneuma, yoga students can cross-train at FBBC with a great workout at a wonderful price.  Only $19 per month added to your Pneuma membership! What a deal!

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