Pneuma Yoga/Movement Studio


We are proud to offer a wide-range of classes tailored to meet your unique needs. We offer private and group classes. All of our instructors are certified and experienced.

Some of our featured classes include:

cardiofusion: (for all levels) uses calistenics and resistance to increase cardiovascular strength and fat burning. combines cardio workout with strength training, yoga and pilates. wear your athletic shoes for this one!
gentle flow: (for all levels) gentle poses with more movement and therefore, more heat, to create subtle strength as well as flexibility, balance and greater range of motion.
gentle yoga: (for all levels) designed to slowly and gently move the student back to healthy posture, muscle flexibililty and joint mobility. helpful to those with health issues and recovering from minor injuries. moves slowly with lots of instruction.
power yoga: (for intermediate to advanced students) a more strength-based flow of yoga postures, designed to increase muscle strength as well as encourage flexibility, balance and alignment.  moves at a moderate pace with less instruction.
yoga core: (for all levels) designed to target the core in an effort to tone the belly, protect the back and bring more energy to the body. moves at a moderate pace.
kids yoga: fun workout for kids that teaches the basics of yoga and encourages attention and focus.  6-week terms in summer and fall or by private session.
outstretched:  (all levels) Christ-centered class with yoga & devotion.  donation only.
prakasha yoga: (for teens age 12-18) introduces teens to the benefits of yoga postures, breathing and meditation. 6-week terms in summer or by private session. 
yoga core: (for all levels) designed to target the core in an effort to tone the belly, protect the back and bring more energy to the body. moves at a moderate pace.
yoga flow: (for intermediate to advanced students) designed for those who desire a faster-paced flow.  this vinyasa style class will raise the heart rate while still offering the many benefits of yoga.  moves more quickly with less instruction.
yoga for stress release: (for all levels) class maximizes the stress-relieving benefits of chest and hip openers, twists and easy inversions.

Childcare is offered at no extra charge during morning classes on Tues, Wed,Thurs and Fri (8:15 only on Fri).  Our childcare staff is highly experienced and CPR/First Aid Certified.

Suggestions for class:
1. Wear comfortably-fitting clothes, loose on the bottom, but relatively fitted on the top.
2. There are no shoes worn in our yoga classes. Please wear athletic shoes for boot camp.
3. Let your instructor know if you have injuries or issues which might affect your ability to move through class.  Instructors are fully educated to offer modifications if they are made aware of your condition.
4. Certain poses are not recommend for pregnant students, so it is vital for you to inform your instructor of your condition and stage of pregnancy.
5. Bring your own mat if you have one, but Pneuma has mats available for your use during class if you do not have your own.
6. You will see the most progress in your practice and how you feel by coming at least 2-3 times each week. And actually, yoga is one form of exercise that can be practiced daily. 
7. Come to class with your stomach one-half (or less) full.  It is never recommended that you practice yoga on a full stomach.  
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